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Have NO ideas to draw gore or inspiration for Halloween…………………….

Watch! I’m going to have it after this month is gone XD I am so doomed.

goingtocrystaltokyo replied to your post“Sometimes I have the feeling that I want to commission but then feel…”
Really, it all comes down to style. If someone likes your style, then they commission you. If they like someone else, they commission them. It’s not taking away a chance from anyone else. Promise.
Yeah indeedy, it took me a little bit to realize that and it makes me feel better know this bit of knowledge now.

Speed sketch of Raditz eating an octopus arm and it’s still moving hmm raw sushi!

This is gore right….. RIGHT?

Sometimes I have the feeling that I want to commission but then feel bad because I only want to do commission to have cash to feed my art addiction for fun, while others are making a living and struggles everyday having to wait for others to buy their works.

So I don’t want to hurt their chances if I do hurt anyone.

I know it’s like; I might be thinking silly to think this and how would I effect anyone from them getting a job? I don’t know.

It just pops in my head and I can’t help that I think I am more of a problem then helping or just throwing myself in for no reason then my own greedy self.

But now I know that I am not being greedy and I’m not going to hurt anyone hopefully. I have to step my feelings aside to do what I want for me and not worry for others. If I want to do a commission to not be afraid of the what if. Believe I would be improving others by being out and sharing the love.


Dragonball card by dac movie 2!!!


If I ever wanted to be a film director I would want to make heavy metal 2000. I would make Tyler super fucking sexy with his ugly but manly chin and have the fan girl shit of that woman it has but mainly have him with him being top notch hot in a demented mind villain. I would make it so hardcore and twisted with a space pirate star trek feel and have cool looking starships . Would have heavy metal music and some neo metal and octane type songs. No techno though.

I have been thinking of getting the cintiq companion it’s pricey but I do like the idea that it’s a tablet computer because I want to take it to places and stop being a home nut since I am learning (force) to drive. The only thing I am looking into it I don’t like I don’t really like the 8 windows but wish they made it better. It’s an amazing idea but how they have it that you are boxed in it’s kinda claustrophobic. And from listening to reviews they put in a cheap computer in it and I would rather spend more money for a bad ass one so if it makes it 4 grand I don’t give a damn, if it’s got the goods I’d buy it.

I will see and what I need to do to get it and so on. Mostly likely I wont, I was lucky enough to get a replacement computer after my 11 year old laptop hand-me-down from my sister died on me. Only because my father mistakenly bought a bigger one then he wanted and to lazy to send it back, it was on sale to that it was a 4,000 pc and he got it for a grand so it was a steal in a way.

I’m low on the chain to get anything I like so yeah.

Lineart of Raditz mutilation for Halloween.

Oh I got that faber castell ink erase pencil and it’is pretty bitching. It doesn’t work on this one paper in this one sketch book I have but this other one wow it’s amazing. And it does a really good job removing printer ink the best from normal paper.

X’D I’m actually having a hard time drawing gore which is surprising because when you think of me I should be like good at it but like my brain isn’t working. Been busy so you guys know where I am at if anyone is worried.

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