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I must ask you a favour that is very important to me.

Could you PLEASE write information to any flickering gif that you post, where for example lightenings appear or lights flicker etc, to make ill people such as epileptics SEE they ought to scroll ahead?

I cannot look into those gifs and constantly get surprised when one pops up my dash. Couldn’t you tag your gifs with “epi-warning” or so… so that ill people can put that tag to their saviour list and your gifs won’t even pop up their dashes anymore?

Only this way we can all protect ourselves but you must be willing to help!

I mean it! Do you even care?! I’m not writing this because it’s fun!

Thought to add myself on this. I totally understand what you mean dear now about I have been trying for my sake to say the epi warning in the tag “tw: epileptics” and tw: “seizures” for about a year now. I suggest dear to put “tw:” in your thingy because regardless it will catch the warning IF the person is tagging it that way? It should catch warnings you are not looking out and be safe all around but can be bothersome too so do that if you like of course.

Six months I started to see more people stating they have problems of even looking at gifs from known condition like quick movement sets them off and other ones, to it really bother them as well. Not just the normal flashy seizures ones to like normal simple fun gifs that is even so dark that you might think that would not effect someone but still would it seems.

I would say this is the first time I seen your post this or anything about it but clearly I can see I must have missed it but I already do this practice. I would have ignored this but like I said not to repeat.


Seeing how frustrated you are in how others whom you are following not doing it still. I thought to say this; some people are pretty lazy, trust me in my tagging I REALLY am but for something like this I do in trying and or request like I have a friend who has a phobia to one thing and I tag that as well for her. Some don’t think it’s a big deal because it doesn’t bother them and shame I am one of them at times. I try my best to tag my nudes (even hide them if their mine), gore, epi, gifs now.

People need to be more careful on this the seizures. Because people can die from it and for me for not being sensitive on it I did go blind in one eye from my tv turning off. It did a big flash and boop there goes my right eye and boy I about flipped the fuck out for a half a day then it came back. NOW that was scarey shit and now I think about it I can not look at that tv no more when it turns off after that.

I REALLY suggest that you personally contact them and tell them very VERY kindly to add the tag and if they wont and they keep on doing it so much you think watching them is to much of a health risk and highly advise to unfollow them quickly when you can.

I think I have repeated a few times saying I already doing my part to help many pardons XD Sorry for the novel too of writing it’s a clear sign I really need to write fics again lol.

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Reasons to get a Pet by Jessie Doodles [tumblr]

This is accurate

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 "MELUSINA" by Jay Briggs » Beautiful Savage

“MELUSINA” by Jay Briggs

Production Crew:

Photography: Fabio Esposito

Make up: Zana Moses

Hair: Gaby Winwood

Model: Skye Victoria

Apparel and Styling: Jay Briggs




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Take a look at this post, and I’ll write you a thing.

I’m going to be doing one or two of these a week. I need to be writing more, and throwing myself out of my comfort zone will provide me with some excellent practice.

Here are the rules:

  • one fic per person
  • no anons
  • dbz only
  • only ships I know
  • only ships I support

I will decline a prompt if it doesn’t meet the above requirements, or if it is a ship I might support, but I don’t think I could write accurately.

For example, I don’t usually dip my toes in anything demi-Saiyan related, and nothing at all to do with Vegeta. (I’m sorry, Vegeta fans legitimately scare me.)

Also, if I get a number/AU twice, I’ll message you back privately for you to choose another. If I write the fic, your message will be posted. If you want to remain anonymous, I’ll block out your name, just don’t send on anon.

This post is going to be queued up for a few weeks, so get used to seeing it. Feel free to reblog, I want as many as I can get.


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Such a drama queen

I’m sorry but not sorry to say. Why is Vegeta on a penis shaped rock?

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i’d like to thank not only god but also jesus





having original characters is incredible because you make up these people and give them lives and motivation and personalities and then you can smash them together in romances or kill them and no one can stop you, fucking nobody


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